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Syllabus-IISc. Bangalore Int. Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)

General Biology : Taxonomy and physiology, Pro-and eukaryotic organisms; cell organelles and their function; multicellular organisation; energy and transformations; internal transport systems of plants; respiration; regulation of body fluids and excretory mechanisms; cellular reproduction; Mendelian genetics and heredity; biology of populations and communities; evolution; genesis and diversity of organisms; animal behaviour; plant and animal diseases.

Basics of Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Biology : Buffers; trace elements in biological systems; enzymes and proteins; vitamins; biological oxidations, carbohydrates and lipids and their metabolisms; digestion and absorption; detoxifying mechanisms; plant and animal hormones and their action, neuromuscular systems, nucleic acids, nature of gene and its function, genetic code, synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins.

Structures of biomolecules; intra and intermolecular forces; thermodynamics and kinetics of biological systems, principles of x-ray diffraction, IR and UV spectroscopy and hydrodynamic techniques.

Microbiology and Cell Biology : Classes of microorganisms and their characterization, nutrient requirements for growth; laboratory techniques in microbiology, pathogenic microorganisms and disease; applied microbiology; viruses, microbial genetics.

Cell theory : Cell architecture' methods of cell fractionation; cell division; types of chromosome structure; biochemical genetics-inborn errors of metabolisms; viruses and fungi; principles of processes of development.


Syllabus-IISc. Bangalore Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)

Acids, Bases and solutions; Chemical reactions; Energy; Enzymes; Viruses, prokaryotes and eukaryotes; cellular organisation and function; Cell cycle; Genetic material; Inheritance; Vitamins and hormones; Body defence mechanisms, Evolution.

Structure of biomolecules; Viruses, bacteriophages, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells; Nutrition and growth of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells; Enzymes and enzyme kinetics; Intermediary metabolism and its regulation; Structure and function of cell membrane; Photosynthesis; Gene structure, expression and regulation; Transduction, conjugation and transformation; Recombinant DNA methodology; Mutation and gene mapping; Micro-organisms and diseases; Environmental and industrial microbiology; Antimicrobial agents and their mode of action; Bio-geochemical cycles; Plant and animal harmones and their mode of action; Pathogens and host parasite relationships, Antibody structure and function; Humoral and cellular immune responses and their regulation, Morphogenesis and differentiation. Mechanisms and evolution of Animal behaviour; Systematics; Population dynamics and Community Ecology of plants and animals. Population genetics, Basic statistical analysis. Basic statistics and Mathematics, Basic Principles in Evolutionary Biology.

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